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About us

Provide users with a relaxed, pleasant and shareable quality of life.

Our journey began in 2009

Committed to providing users with a relaxed, pleasant, and shareable quality of life. The brand gene of Freihafen not only brings people a relaxing and enjoyable experience of product types, but also integrates people, home appliances and life organically to achieve a healthy life.


Our philosophy

Freihafen home appliances are positioned in a healthy fashion, adhere to user-centered, product-centered, and form a complete R&D, production and sales system. The core categories of cook machines, ovens, vacuum cleaners, and cooking machines have long occupied an important market position.

Our team

Freihafen has an experienced R&D team and marketing team. Over the years, it has been unremittingly improving its independent research and development capabilities. With outstanding technical achievements and outstanding product quality, Freihafen continues to innovate home appliances, and will never stop to create a relaxed, warm and healthy life.


Product certificates